Covid-19 Working From Home & Home Insurance

Covid-19 Working From Home & Home Insurance

Some information from the ABI that may or may not be useful in respect of Home Insurance.

Will my home insurance policy be affected if I have not told my insurer that I’m working from home?

  • Working from home, due to the need to self-isolate should be covered by standard home insurance policies, assuming that the work is clerical in nature.
  • If individuals are working from home and receiving visitors to their home on business matters, they should check with their insurer. In some cases, there may be some restrictions in cover such as loss of money and theft being excluded unless there is evidence of forcible and violent entry to the property.
  • The business equipment used (e.g. Laptop) is likely not covered, however in most cases we would expect the employer to be liable for ensuring their equipment is insured away from the office.

Will home insurance cover the cost of a deep clean to my property should it become contaminated by COVID-19?

  • Most standard home insurance policies do not provide cover for the costs of cleaning a property.  However, there could be some cover in some policies who have Accidental Damage extension on an all-risks insurance policy.  This however will be subject to terms and conditions, for example, some policies only cover visible damage.  People should check with their insurer if they are unsure.

My property has suffered damage (from a fire, flood or other named peril) and its uninhabitable.  I am self-isolating, so will my insurer help me find alternative accommodation?

  • The safety of our customers and the wider public remains our priority.
  • Insurers will continue to provide cover for customers as per the policy wording, including funding the cost of alternative accommodation, whilst acting in accordance with the UK Government’s advice at that particular point in time. This will be managed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that customer interests are best represented whilst acting responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines published by the UK Government.

I have been quarantined or am unable to travel from abroad and therefore my home may be left unoccupied for over the 30 or 60 day limit on my policy.  Will I be covered?

  • Insurers will be taking a pragmatic approach to individuals who are quarantined or stuck abroad and are unable to return to their property within the timescales set out in their policy. However, individuals should contact their insurer to obtain advice on this issue.

Kind Regards
Michael D Bradbury
Associate Director