Why do you need to network?

A successful business marketing strategy almost always encompasses a variety of different marketing methods to target different prospects in the most appropriate way. For most businesses, networking should be a part of that strategy.

Firstly consider your own needs for a business adviser for example. How do you find one? Yellow Pages? the Internet?… How do you know if they’re any good? Business advice can be costly and that’s ok if the advice is good, but poor advice can be even more costly than the fees for providing it.

To put our ten pence worth take a look at our joining fees and what we are about.

Consider asking someone you know if they know of a good business adviser. How much more comfortable would you be if someone you know and trust recommends someone they know and trust?

And now put yourself in the advisor’s position; wouldn’t they welcome the introduction to you? They know you’re in the market for their services; they know that they have been recommended to you; and you both know that the chances of concluding a business deal are much higher.

But don’t stop there; take the scenario a little further. The adviser knows that they must do a good job for you; if not, they let you down and the mutual acquaintance that recommended them to you, who may well be another of their customers. It is essential for the adviser to ensure that their usual high standard is maintained and perhaps even surpassed – this adds even more confidence to your choice, and reinforces the principle that business networking works.

Competitive Advantage

Through referrals and recommendations and building up trust and respect with fellow businesspeople, you will have an extremely good competitive advantage over your opposition. But if you’re not into networking, your competitor may have that advantage over you.


As a committed networking club member, you will have a team of businessmen and women helping to find those qualified leads for you, and all they ask in return is that you help to find warm, qualified leads for them.

Making a Commitment to Networking

Networking is most productive when you make a commitment to its principles. By joining a networking club and making that commitment, you develop strong relationships with your networking colleagues; you really learn about their businesses and how good they are at providing the products and services they market. And they learn all about you and how well you run your business. This knowledge and confidence is the real strength of networking, but it only comes if you make that commitment.

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