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Business Networking (South Leicestershire) –

Club Constitution1.


1.1 Business Networking (South Leicestershire)business referral club [the group] is a not for profit breakfast networking group for the benefit of its business members.

1.2 Thegroup will remain independent until the majority of the members agree that the group should affiliate or become part of another organisation.

1.3 The group activities will be funded by membership fees and monthly membership subscriptions.

1.4 The group will be managed by an elected committee (see section 6) and its members by arrangement and agreement for the administration and financing of the group.

2. Aims of the group

2.1 To provide an opportunity for business networking

2.2 To provide an opportunity for business support and collaboration between members of the group

2.3 To facilitate business growth of members

3. Membership and attendance

3.1 W eekly meetings will be open to members and invited guests only.

3.2 Membership eligibility is by approval ofthe committee and collective agreement by fellow members.

3.3 Membership is not seen as a right and can be jeopardised by failing to regularly attend networking group meetings for more than 3 consecutive weeks without an apology (or substitution) and thatan acceptable level of attendance shall be considered to be a minimum of 80% in any 12 month period.

3.4 Each member may choose one profession or service that they exclusively represent. No other member or visitor may represent this profession or service at meetings without agreement of the original member.

3.5 Each member may state the roles or professions that they consider part of their exclusive area of representation when joining the group and subject to the agreement of the committee and other members.

3.6 All members will commit to attending the weekly meetings.

3.7 Visitors’ days will be held at regular intervals to encourage new members to experience the group and to consider joining.

3.8 Non-members may be invited, with approval from and at the discretion of the Chairperson, to attend the weekly meetings for up to two weeks without paying a membership fee.

4. Name

4.1 The name of the group will be Business Networking (South Leicestershire) or BNSL for short.

5.  Finances

5.1 New members will pay an initial joining fee in accordance with the financial policy of the group.

5.2 Members will pay a monthly subscription by standing order that will be set at a level to be sufficient to cover the administrative and running costs of the networking group such as, stationery and catering. The amount of this subscription will be monitored by the Treasurer and adjusted accordingly by recommendation of committee and agreement of the group to ensure that a small working surplus is maintained.

5.2.1 When members are unable to attend themselves no refunds or credits will be given and members are expected to arrange a substitute to represent them at no further cost.

5.3 Visitors will pay an attendance fee (see 3.8) each time they visit in accordance with the financial policy for visitors.

5.4 Special guests may be invited and paid for by the group at the discretion of the committee (see 3.8).

5.5 Expenditure of group funds must be agreed by the Treasurer and the Chairperson or by the committee.

6. Administration and support

6.1 The group shall be managed by a committee elected through a majority vote of the networking group members. The elected committee posts will consist of:

6.1.1 Chairperson: The Chairperson is responsible for the smooth running of the  Business Networking Group in accordance with the constitution. The Chairperson shall not serve for more than 1 consecutive year.

6.1.2 Vice-Chairperson: Shall support the Chairperson in all appropriate matters and assumes the chairperson’s duties in his absence. be responsible for the portfolio of marketing and advertising

6.1.3 Treasurer: Manage the club’s finances and bank account A bank account will be established requiring 2 signatories from the steering group to authorise expenditure on behalf of the networking group. Prepare financial reports for the membership as may be necessary to maintain the solvency of the group or at least every 6 months. Maintain a register of current member’s contact and payment details.

6.1.4 Speaker Secretary: there is a regular programme of ten minute speakers and that they are reminded of their commitment.

6.2 General administration

6.2.1 The committee shall be duly elected by the Group (see 6.1) but the committee may also, at their discretion, co-opt other members of the group onto the committee to fulfil other specific tasks and projects as and when required.

6.2.2 The Chairperson on behalf of the committee and membership will ensure that a record is maintained of all agreed club policy and committee decisions that impact upon the full and proper execution of this constitution.

7 Visitors, Prospective New Members and Guest Speakers:

7.1 Any member may invite a visitor or prospective new member to a meeting, but must comply with the following procedure:

7.1.1 Inform the Chairperson of your intention.

7.1.2 That visitor’s full membership will be discussed with existing members so that potential business conflicts and undesired personalities can be discussed in order to avoid embarrassment.

7.1.3 Guests who wish to join the Business Networking (South Leicestershire) group may attend an agreed number of meetings (see 3.8) before making an application to join the group.  On application to join the group, the application details (name, type of business and proposed area of exclusive representation) will be put to the current membership for collective agreement. The applicant will be informed accordingly by the Chairperson representing the wishes of themembership.

8 Closing Down

8.1 Should the group decide to close down, then all funds held in the group bank account will be donated to a charity decide upon by the remaining members. In addition, a final report will be given to all persons who have beenmembers over the 6 months previous to the club closure.

BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire

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