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George SewardCorporate Mergers Ltd

George has a wealth of experience in the corporate finance sector. Initially setting up a corporate finance practice in Leeds, he then moved on to establish a specialist mergers and acquisitions firm, Corporate Mergers, in 2001.

Operating discreetly within an environment of confidentiality, George takes pride in all deals irrespective of value. He enjoys simplifying and demystifying the business sale process, especially when it is the business owner’s first experience. George does far more than simply advertise opportunities, he tailors his approach and actively works with his clients during every stage of the selling or buying process, providing ongoing support and advice on the best options and course of action.

Through his extensive experience of buying and selling businesses, particularly within the food industry, George has developed a unique set of skills. He understands business needs and works to ensure his clients achieve their aspirations, whilst being honest and managing expectations. A typical deal size for his firm is between £1m and £15million, however deals outside of this range will also be considered.

Selling or buying a business can be very stressful and time consuming, but George and his team at Corporate Mergers manage the complete process for their clients. With extensive research capabilities and personal connections, George can produce a range of well qualified opportunities, especially within SME businesses.

Corporate Mergers is a specialist mergers and acquisitions firm which:
• Supports clients through the process of buying, selling or merging a business.
• Provides consultancy services, including presale planning, competitive bench-marking and best practices, sales and marketing consultancy and strategy, support with fundraising projects and assistance with re-banking and asset finance.

Looking For: Businesses of all types and sizes who may be interested in buying or selling their business.


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George Seward

Managing Director

Corporate Mergers Ltd.

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