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Tony Harding Driving School (BSM)

Description: Driving Instructor

As a caring and compassionate motorist, I decided to join BSM and use my skills to help people to learn to drive. Being fully focused on ensuring learner drivers fully anticipates the potential actions of other drivers, increasing their confidence and overall road awareness, always with safety in mind. Having a thoughtful and patient approach has seen myself excel in helping learners pass their test and take to the road as fully-fledged independent drivers.

Before joining BSM, having been a Horticulturalist landscaper and garden designer and in earlier years, worked as a mechanic and also have a HGV class 1 licence. Having a full understanding of vehicle mechanics, allows me to be able to provide relevant and helpful insights to help learners become better drivers.

“For me, BSM stands for Better Safer Motorists. My aim is to help people of all ages to learn how to drive safely and confidently, and to always consider the road ahead.”

If you would like to learn to drive with Tony,

please call 07768 464167

or email aharding758@btinternet.com

BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire
BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire

Tony Harding

Driving Instructor

BSM School of Motoring

Contact Details

Tony Harding, The Old Nursery, Station Road, Elmsthorpe, Leicestershire LE10 7SG


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BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire

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