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Kiran Purbhoo KPHR Recruitment Services

About KPHR

KPHR is an innovative recruitment company based in Leicestershire in the Heart of England.  We are committed to supplying a high quality, ethical recruitment service advising, educating and supporting both client and candidate through the recruitment journey.

KPHR understands just how important it is to find the right people and how long the recruitment process can take.  It is our goal to make our client’s recruitment journey as easy and efficient as possible whilst sourcing and supplying the best talent available.  KPHR will help your business succeed by providing the right people each time, every time.

Kiran Purbhoo KPHR Recruitment Services
Kiran Purbhoo KPHR Recruitment Services

What you can expect from KPHR

  • Regular and structured communication throughout the recruitment journey
  • Advertising on national job boards
  • Proactive searches for candidates not actively applying for jobs
  • A shortlist of screened and suitable candidates
  • Organising all interviews and meetings
  • Timely feedback
  • Telephone reference checks
  • Employment offer management
  • 3 month aftercare provision for clients and their new employees placed by KPHR
  • A competitively priced service

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BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire
BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire

Kiran Purbhoo


Contact Details

KPHR, The Dell, Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire, LE17 5BL


Business Networking at its best

BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire

If you are looking for a business networking group in South Leicestershire to grow your business where the emphasis is on building relationships in order to grow your business, then Business Networking South Leicestershire is for you. We only allow one seat per business category.

We are a professional business network who do not put pressure on you to provide leads each meeting. This means that the quality of leads generated at our meetings tend to be of a higher quality and usually lead to business being generated.

Contact BNSL

Email us at

“Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business.
Who you know really impacts what you know.”

Sallie Krawcheck