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Kate Ramsey – Forever Living Business Owner

Hi, I am Kate Ramsey, a Forever Living Business Owner who is passionate about Aloe Vera.

Most of us know that you can rub it in and spray it on and that it gives enormous benefit, however, did you know you can drink Aloe Vera?
Back in October 2013 I didn’t, but having been introduced to the products and the business opportunity I started to drink the aloe vera gel and I wish I had known about it before as it has changed my health for the better FOREVER!

If you would like a free trial or more information about Forever’s amazing range of Aloe Vera drinks and other products categories, skincare, nutritional, personal care, weight management, household, bee, please contact me and we can have a chat over coffee. Or go to

Many people just choose to use and enjoy the products, however there is also a wonderful business opportunity available too.
Do you know anyone who is looking to make a change in their lives?

A career change maybe, or just a chance to earn an extra income? With this business the choice is yours, it’s your business but you are not alone as we all help each other achieve as little or as much as you want.

Forever products are simply the very best Aloe Vera based products in the world and they are distributed through a network of independent business owners, who each work for themselves.

For more information on the business opportunity give me a call and let’s meet up for a coffee and chat or go to

Looking For:
* People who value their health and well-being
* People who love quality products
* People who would like to earn an extra income
* People who would like a career change
* People who like to chat over coffee 😁

BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire
BNSL - Business Networking South Leicestershire

Kate Ramsey

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Forever Living Business Owner

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