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Description: Bamboozle’s mission is to empower learning disabled children & young people through immersive experiences. We provide accessible theatre for families, and bespoke training and projects in schools.

About Bamboozle:

In a Bamboozle show, children are at the heart of the action.

Every child is acknowledged and valued; each one enjoys individual attention. The approach generates a spark or two of pure unscripted magic. Bamboozle are gentle, patient, immersive and inspirational. They use interactive multi-sensory theatre to unlock moments of joy in children on the autistic spectrum or with moderate to profound learning disabilities. For parents, those moments often reveal new possibilities for their child.

Success is no accident. It techniques and teaching style – the Bamboozle Approach – have developed into a solid, evidence-based programme of training that’s making waves across the world. From Stevenage to Shanghai, and Melbourne to Manchester, Bamboozle is helping teachers and performers bring theatre to an audience that generally gets a poor deal.

At home Bamboozle works with schools, theatres, and families to create environments in which children participate in their own way and at their own pace. While the shows are deceptively simple, the testing and thought processes behind them are rigorous. The outcome can be transformational, encouraging children to reach out in ways they’ve never done before and enabling whole families to play together, perhaps for the first time.

If you’d ever wondered whether theatre really can change lives, Bamboozle proves that it does.

What is Bamboozle Theatre Company’s aim?

Bamboozle’s aim is to offer children the opportunity to interact meaningfully with the world, and to challenge expectations of what disabled children can achieve. We are a Leicester-based charity with over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering multi-sensory immersive theatre experiences for learning disabled children, including children who might be described as having profound and multiple learning disabilities, children with moderate to severe learning disabilities and children who are on the autistic spectrum.

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Jade Frost

Tours and Marketing Co-ordinator

Bamboozle Theatre Company Ltd.

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