Exclusive Membership Offer – 20% Discount on First Aid Courses

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Exclusive Membership Offer – 20% Discount on First Aid Courses

Leslie Singleton form LWS Training Services offers a 20% discount for BNSL members signing up for one of his First Aid courses.  Please ask Leslie for details at any BNSL meeting or contact him via his website.

About Leslie Singleton

I believe that good training comes with planning and an ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, as well as the current skill level of the individual. Training needs to be fun, interactive, worthwhile and relevant to the business that individuals represent. All my courses are tailored to fulfil these requirements and contain realistic situations that individuals may experience wherever they may be.I am proud to have become part of Team Rubicon completing my Domestic Operations course in January 2019 as well as my International Operations course in August 2019. I am now qualified as an International Operator who is ready to deploy both at home or abroad in response to disasters, providing assistance for those who are in need. I also intend to further my knowledge of the human body with an online studying course as well as converting my FPOSI qualification to FREC3 or higher later this year.I am continuing to develop my skills and qualifications, gaining more knowledge as part of my continuing professional development (CPD). This includes various training days on trauma, minor illnesses, resuscitation, wound care, as well as achieving a qualification as an Outdoor Instructor in 2018.I am also an Open Water Instructor for Sub Aqua Diving and have been involved in teaching for the last ten years in classrooms, swimming pools and open water. Being involved in trips both at home and abroad, sometimes in remote locations, has given me the ability to plan, execute and deal with most “what if” situations.